Equipment Rental Tips To Help You Complete Your Landscape Project

Completing a backyard project where you will need to move large amounts of soil or gravel or you need to excavate trenches through your yard requires the use of a piece of mini excavation equipment to make your work easier. Fortunately, you can rent a variety of equipment from local rental companies and retailers in your area to give you the heavy power of construction equipment. Here are some tips to help you get your landscaping project completed with the help of the right equipment.

Look to Rent the Right Equipment

There are several types of excavation and construction equipment you can rent for your own project, but only some of them are going to give you the compact size to be able to work and maneuver around your yard around the outside of your home. A skid steer provides you with excavation equipment power but it can turn in tight areas and around narrow corners because of the setup of its wheels. 

A skid steer also provides you with the versatility to change out the attachments for various projects. For example, if you want to level soil, remove weed growth and rocks, and carry new topsoil to level over the area, you can rent and remove the various attachments with the skid steer to make the job most efficient. Or if you need to dig post holes for a new fence, the auger attachment is going to be perfect for your project.

Ensure the Project's Completion

When you make arrangements to rent a skid steer for your landscape project, be sure you have rented it for the right amount of time to complete all your tasks with its use. If you are planning to use it to move and level a load of gravel on your property, be sure that you can complete all the work during the number of days you have it rented, for example.

You may want to rent the skid steer on a Friday so you can have the equipment all weekend to be able to get everything completed you need before you have to return it Monday morning. Talk to the equipment rental manager about how many hours you are renting it for and if you will need to pay based on its operation hours. Also, find out if it is going to be available for extra time if you decide you will need to rent it for one more day. Sometimes you may need to return the equipment because it is rented to another customer for the day.

For more information, contact a skid steer rental service in your area.