Bare Rental Cranes: What To Know

Access to cranes can present your business with the chance to place larger bids on more lucrative projects. However, you may just not have enough cash in your budget to buy a new model. Renting is often the best and most suitable solution in that case, especially if you come across "bare" rentals. These rentals are especially affordable because the company delivers the crane only, without an operator. Bare rental cranes save you money, but you'll need to think about these aspects of the rentals as well.

1-Getting a Good Operator

When you select bare rentals for different projects, they still need an operator. This need not become a problem as long as you start casting a wide net as soon as you know you'll need drivers. Ask current employees whether they have additional certifications which may enable them to operate rental cranes, for instance. You may place ads for freelance operators and there are some industrial temporary staffing agencies which may have some operators on their rosters too.

Once you have a few people in mind to operate cranes, start thinking about how you want to identify these operators. Do you want to bring them on as regular employees? Do you want to pay them as independent contractors? This will likely depend on how much crane work you have and want going forward.

2-Soliciting Site and Machine Advice

Even if you don't get a driver from the rental company, staffers can still offer different ways of helping you do well. For example, the company may send someone out to work sites to advise you about the crane you need or whether you need to do more site-clearing activities before a crane is useful.

3-Scheduling Crane Work

Because the rental company has no input on the operator you ultimately choose, you'll need to be more serious about scheduling crane work. You're paying the operator out of your own pocket, so you need to ensure both the machine and the driver have something to do when they both arrive on your site. That may mean working with other machine operators or talking with your employees about how best to lay out a schedule that will keep the rental crane and the operator from standing around aimlessly.

When you've managed to prepare and deal with the bare rental issues above, jobs can go well. Talk more with employees and rental companies to come up with solutions that work for everyone.