3 Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying An Industrial Dolly

When transporting bulk materials with little effort, using a dolly is absolutely necessary. Defined as a platform on wheels, dollies today come in so many different designs and have numerous specs. You can choose the right one for your particular needs by keeping these factors in mind. 


Construction sites are high-traffic areas that are filled with obstacles. As such, you need to select a dolly that you can easily maneuver without injuring those as you pass by. Maneuverability is predicated on the wheel type you choose. 

Swivel casters are great because they allow you to swivel in virtually any direction. You can slide by tight corners and rotate the dolly around abnormal paths, saving you time and energy. However, if you plan on navigating on dirt and gravel surfaces, you'll need wheels with air inside. They'll effortlessly glide over rough surfaces, no matter what is being transported. 


Equipment on a construction site goes through a lot of wear and tear, which means you need to select a dolly constructed out of the right materials. For the sake of longevity, consider a dolly made out of stainless steel. It can support a lot of weight while still retaining its structure. Stainless steel is also simple to clean, even when coated with thick mud and other debris. 

A powder-coated metal finish is another design you should consider for construction applications. The extra coat creates a buffer that prevents metal from rusting or corroding over time. You'll thus have a peace of mind should you leave dollies out, exposed to different weather elements. 

Platform Size 

You will have an easy time transporting materials around the construction site if you choose a dolly with the right platform size. For smaller materials, such as boxes, a traditional dolly will suffice. It can support multiple boxes at one time, and you don't have to worry about them sliding off should you adjust paths or come to an abrupt stop.

However, if you plan on hauling oddly-shaped materials that are large, four-wheeled dollies with a horizontal design are advantageous. Featuring large platforms, these cart-style dollies can support a tremendous amount of weight. This way, you won't have to take as many trips. 

The success of your construction hauls is dependent on the type of dolly you choose. Focus on the right features so that your performance and safety are not hindered in the least bit. Contact a company, like Hauling Heavy, for more help.