Considering A Crane Rental? All You Need To Know

Many private construction firms, particularly those that are smaller or just starting out, may find it more beneficial to rent equipment as needed rather than purchasing it outright. Purchasing equipment comes with additional responsibilities, such as maintenance and storage. Renting a crane is particularly ideal, as not all jobs are going to require the use of this piece of equipment. However, there are many things you need to know before renting a crane. There are a plethora of knowledge required to operate a crane, so the following should be considered when moving forward with a crane rental:

Proper Insurance

When you rent any type of heavy equipment, you must be properly insured. Cranes will require even more liability protection as they can be hazardous even with the most experienced of operators. If the operator accidently lifts a load that is too large, the crane can bow and cause damage to property or even loss of life. Ensuring that you are properly insured will protect yourself and your company.

Hire an Experienced Crane Operator

Operating a crane is not something just anyone without experience can do. Even if you have experience on other forms of equipment, such as a bulldozer, it is unlikely that you will be able to confidently operate a crane because of its complex nature. Instead, hire a temporary licensed crane operator from a place like A C Jones Trucking Inc to do your crane work for you. He or she will know how to not only operate the crane, but will also be able to inspect it before the work begins to make sure there are no risks of damage. You should also be sure the operator either is independently insured or can be covered under your policy.

Rent a Crane Properly Sized For Your Project

While you can save money renting a smaller crane, do not make the mistake of getting one that is too small for your needs. A crane has a maximum lift capacity and lifting too much can cause it to drop a load or fall over. Cranes that are too big for a job can also be a disadvantage to your project. Big cranes can be inefficient not only within the scope of your project, but it can also tie up your financial resources.

Crane rentals can be very beneficial, but it can be risky. Be sure you are aware of all of your responsibilities that come along with renting such an important piece of equipment.