Problems With An Excavator Lift Bucket

Using an excavator that has a problematic lift bucket can be dangerous when doing construction jobs, as it can fall off while in the air. In order for the lift bucket to work as it should, it is important for the hydraulic system to be in good shape. There are numerous problems that can lead to an excavator's hydraulic system not functioning as it is designed to. You might need to invest in a few hydraulic system repairs, or might even need to replace the lift bucket. This article covers a few of the things that can lead to an excavator lift bucket not being functional.

Debris Falls out of the Lift Bucket

When you are lifting debris with the lift bucket of an excavator, it should remain in place until it is released. If the bucket is able to lift debris, but quickly releases it, there are a few problems that might be the cause. For instance, some of the fittings on the bucket may not be secure enough. Tightening up the fittings might resolve the problem, which can be done quickly by a technician. It is also possible that the lift bucket cylinders to the hydraulic system are damaged and not retaining a satisfactory amount of air or fluid.

The Lift Bucket Moves Too Slowly

When a lift bucket begins to move in a slow manner, it might stem from there not being enough hydraulic fluid in the excavator. You must in mind that the bucket relies on cylinders to give it the pressure that it needs to move. The job of the cylinders is to send air or fluid through hydraulic lines, depending on the model of your excavator. Hire a technician to put more fluid in the excavator and see if the bucket will begin moving faster. You might need to get the old fluid drained out, such as if it is contaminated with dirt or other debris.

There is No Movement from the Lift Bucket

If the lift bucket has stopped moving altogether, the hydraulic system might not be functional. You might end up having to replace the entire hydraulic system to fix the problem. However, it is also possible for a lift bucket to stop moving when it is old. Large amounts of rust and bent metal can prevent the bucket from moving as it should. You might need to invest in getting a new bucket installed, but make sure that you invest in one that is designed for your model of excavator.

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