3 Easy Ways To Landscape With Gravel

When it comes to landscaping, there are many different ways to make your yard look great. This article is going to outline a few ways that gravel can be used to be a main theme or simply highlight your yard. There are many different reasons to use gravel in your landscaping; there is little to no up-keep, it can be beautiful, and it lasts a very long time. Gravel can also be found in many different colors, so it can be a great addition to any home no matter what the environment or setting. 


This is a type of landscaping that is very popular in arid climates. Xeriscaping is when different types of stone and gravel are used to create a beautiful yard. The great thing about it is that multiple colors can be used to create contrast and create trials. So, the theme of the yard will be stone and can be accented by plants. Xeriscaping is extremely popular where irrigating is a problem, but it can be used in any part of the country. It requires almost no up-keep and is great for a low-maintenance yard.

A Boarder

A yard that is made of all green grass can be an extremely hard yard to upkeep. The yard will require a great deal of mowing, trimming, water, and fertilizer. One of the best ways to keep that beautiful grass, but limit the amount of upkeep is to use gravel as a boarder. Gravel can be used as a small boarder of only a foot or so, but can also take up a lot more area. In either situation, weed guard should be installed, and then gravel can be placed over to create a beautiful boarder for that grass. There are many different boarders; by creating high and low spots you will have a boarder that rolls and adds variety to your boarder. 

A Beautiful Walkway

There are many different ways to create a walkway or path, but using gravel can be a beautiful way to install a path. Gravel can be used with stone or all alone, and can create whatever look you want. Gravel is very versatile because almost any color of gravel can be installed. Many types of walkways like concrete will crack and erode over time, but a gravel walkway can be easily maintained and will look like it was recently installed for years.  

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