Benefits Of Hiring A Third-Party Logistics Company

There was a time when opening your own company meant that you needed to invest a significant amount of money into facilities and infrastructure in order to ensure successful delivery of your products. However, that is no longer the case. Instead of having your own trucks and warehouses, you can hire a third-party logistics company to do the work for you. Learn more about how hiring a third-party logistics company benefits you.

Saves Money

Hiring a third-party logistics company to handle your company's warehouse and trucking needs eliminates all of the costs that come with operating your own warehouse and trucks. Not only do you save money by avoiding the costs of leasing warehouse space and buying semi trucks, you won't need to pay for the cost of:

  • Utilities for a warehouse.
  • Extra employees needed to work in the warehouse and drive the trucks.
  • Fuel and maintenance on the trucks.
  • Maintenance expenses on warehouse equipment.
  • Shelving, supplies, and equipment needed to operate a warehouse.

Ease and Efficiency

When you hire a third-party logistics company, the majority of your company's transportation and delivery needs are handled for you. Instead of your inventory coming directly to your company, all of your inventory gets shipped to a warehouse that's operated by your third-party logistics company. The company should keep up-to-date inventory records for you that allows you to see what you have in stock remotely. This allows you to order new inventory as needed.

The logistics company's trucking services include transporting your inventory between warehouses and shipping orders. When orders need to be shipped to your customers, the company packs and prepares the box for shipping; determines what type of shipping option -- whether an air freight or trucking service -- works best for the purchase; and ships the package to your customer.


When you operate your own warehouse, space is limited. So, what happens if your business triples in the next 18 months? If your company operates its own warehouse, you'd need to find a larger space and move the entire operation. However, if you use a third-party logistics company all you need to do is call the company to make arrangements for more inventory. This makes it easy for your business to expand into different parts of the country.

The fact is, hiring a third-party logistics company is about more than hiring a company to transport goods. When you hire a third-party logistics company, everything from your company's trucking needs to inventory management is handled for you, freeing up your time so that you can focus on expanding your business. Contact a business that offers logistical support, such as Chilliwack truckers, for more information.